At Austin Hardwoods we believe quality tools produce quality projects. With the select lines of tools we stock, you will be getting the best pro tools available.


Your work matters. Having the right tool for the right job matters, too. Festool makes power tools for craftsmen who demand unmatched performance and precision. You aspire to make each project better than the one before it, and Festool is there to help you constantly push forward. Each of our tools is German-engineered with careful consideration for what craftsmen need to be at the absolute top of their game. Our tools work well alone, but they work even better together — creating a system that allows you to work smarter and more efficiently. If your tools aren't working, neither are you. That's why every Festool power tool comes bundled with an industry-leading package of offerings to support you and assist with any problems you might encounter with your tool, with one of the best warranties available.




GREX POWER TOOLS is a quickly expanding provider of specialized, state-of the art professional fastening systems. GREX is committed to providing quality products that are well designed and professionally engineered, while offering our customers the highest satisfaction possible.




Kreg Joining Solutions make it easier than you've ever imagined to turn your DIY and woodworking dreams into reality by creating rock-solid assemblies and long-lasting repairs using Kreg Jigs® and Kreg Screws. Plus, we offer a vast selection of of Kreg Joinery accessories, a clever jig for building decks, and a complete line of professional pocket-hole joinery machines.




Stabila tools perform better than advertised and eliminate rework and call backs, speed production and improve profits.




Collins Tool

If you are looking to improve your Miter joints come see the Collins Miter Clamps, simple and easy to use. 




Amana Tool

Amana Tool® is an industry leader for over 40 years specializing in industrial quality solid carbide, insert carbide and carbide-tipped cutting tools for the woodworking, plastics, aluminum, composite and metal industry. We provide many solutions for manufacturers, fabricators, display and cabinet professionals as well as hobbyists. Amana Tool’s full line of industrial-quality cutting tools includes saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters, boring bits and much more.



Bessey Clamp

BESSEY is one of the largest hand tool clamp manufacturers in the world, distributing some 1300 different wood working and metal working clamp tools.